Oct 6, 2011

The Side Braid

Trying to get ready and making sure your hair looks decent can be kind of  time consuming for a girl like me since I have this wild woman hair, as I like to call it. The side braid has been seen everywhere lately including Fashion week.holly Alexander Wang had his models rock this hairstyle in 2010 for Fashion week, he loved it so much he brought it back again. I don't blame him. It takes seconds to put together and can be done with your own person touch. This look is casual, chic and yet sexy at the same time. So if you're running short on time.....try this simple hairstyle for a change!!!

Oct 5, 2011

A Sweater to make it better!!

Its officially Fall in NYC....although it has been quiet damp lately. I love fall- its the perfect time to dress in layers, chunky sweaters, pumpkin pie and hot chocolate mmmmm. What make Fall perfect is that you can cover up and layer as much as you want and its OKAY!!! Chunky sweaters have come back yet again for this season with so many different patterns and textures to chose from.fb page I love sweaters, it makes you feel you warm and snuggled up while enjoying the brisk winds at the same time.

1. ASOS Blanket Sweater Aztec Red  €45
2. People Tree Chunky Cable knit sweater $209.52
3. Rebecca Taylor Cable Knit Sweater $395.00
4. Splendid Chunky Cowl neck sweater $178.00
5. Vila Chunky Bell Sleeve sweater $96.03
6. Vila Chunky sweater $104.76
8. Forever21 Chunky sweater with belt $24.80
9. Forever21 Print Cotton blend sweater $19.80

Oct 4, 2011

Kanye West takes a stab at Fashion!!

Kanye West unveiled his first ever fashion line named "DW" in honor of his late mother Donde West who passed away in 2007. The line was premiered during Paris Fashion Week at a Paris middle school,Lycee Henri IV. Only a handful of people were invited to the show, including fashions elite Anna Wintour, Alexander Wang, the Olsen Twins and Lindsay Lohan.The pieces were worn only by fashions' well known models of this season Chanel Iman & Karlie Kloss just to name a few.
The line itself had all the signs of a newbie designer.page Most of the outfits looked like they were put together at the very last minute. The tailoring was not done in a way to flatter the person wearing it.Kanye has incorporated a mixture of club wear/streetsyle with luxury. A lot of the items featured had fox fur and crocodile skin, which can run very steep on the tag. He mostly stayed with the neutral colors like black, white and nude with a pop of blue and red here and there.In my personal opinion- where will someone where his clothing to? Its very loose, low cut and overall just unflattering!!!!

Oct 3, 2011

Designer Shine: Jeffrey Campbell

Shoes shoes shoes!!!!!!!!!!!........Who doesn't love them!! One of my favorite designers at the moment is Jeffrey Campbell. I love his shoes.......whats not to love is the question if you ask me. His shoes are very well made but the prices are very affordable. His designs are very bold. If you're not really into shoes, you wouldn't know him. But my guess is majority of the women should know this trendsetter by now.2 piece dress All his designs are unique and it will definetly stand out even from a mile away. These are some of my favorite designs by him and I hope I own them ALL one day- not too much to ask for right ? Most of the shoes that I love from him are from his "Lita Collection"...there's just so many beautiful shoes just from this collection alone!!

The basic price for the Lita collection is about $159.95, but there are different varieties among this collection itself. Like the Lita Fur is $194.95 and the Lita Woven boots are $174.95. Now Steve Madden and Aldo have come out with strikingly similar shoes for around the same price, but I think I prefer the Jeffrey Campbell's as he is the originator of the Lita Boots

Sep 30, 2011

Hold the ketchup & Pass the Mustard Please!

Mustard is coming on to the fashion scene and I'm started to like it. I love the color Mustard, its not too bright nor too dull. Not to mention its just perfect for fall. Its perfet for toning down something that stands out. It can be paired with anything from polka dots to almost any color. I even love it on home decor, it blends in quite well with black and white.If you guys haven't tried pairing something with the color mustard in your outfit....check these pics out to get an idea of how to do so!!

Sep 29, 2011

Makeup Trends for Fall 2011

Fall is finally here!!! Its one of my favorite seasons next to Spring. Its so beautiful here in the city around this time. I love seeing the trees turn into different shades and before you know it, its Holiday season :)
One of my favorite things about Fall is sporting dark lips, I still do this quite often year around, but no one will judge you during the cold winter months for rocking some dark wine lips. Some of the trends seen on the runways are definitely a must try.

  1. Dark Vampy Lips- There is just something mysterious and sexy about dark lips. I stick mostly to wine or burgundy shades as they compliment my brown skin very nicely. But dark lips can be worn in any shade of red, purple or burgundy- they may all sound the same but there is a huge difference.


2.  Bold Brows- This I wish was a trend when I was younger. I had such thick eyebrows growing up I hated it, so I began getting them done at 13. I wish I would've listened to my mother back then. Sadly I long for those bushy eyebrows back when I see myself filling in my brows daily. But thick eyebrows are officially in. So if any of you women who have thick eyebrows, I say keep it the way it is, because once they're gone- it will take you forever to get them back to where they were.

3. Nude Makeup- This has been a trend that's been seen season after season. Its a very classic and timeless look. It lets your natural beauty shine through while making the skin glow at the same time. Although this look may seem effortless, its one that needs to be done right.The key to nude makeup look is having healthy skin, so make sure you do the basics and a little extra for the cold season coming up. This is a great daytime/nighttime look depending on how you put it all together.

4. Metallic Smoky Eyes- I was never a fan of metallics because it always makes me feel like I'm going clubbing- but that's just me. Don't get me wrong I don't hate metallic shadows, just certain colors I think are better suited for me like anything gold. Metallic eyeshadows have come back in a big way, it was seen a lot on the runways. It give your face a luminous look. We all know the smoky eye look is here to stay for a while- its just been updated with a more edgier color palette.